Fish Vet Group is the world’s largest provider of dedicated evidence-based veterinary services, diagnostic technologies and environmental monitoring to the aquaculture sectors. From our facility in Portland, Maine, Fish Vet Group is well positioned to provide rapid disease diagnostics, professional veterinary services, and welfare and husbandry expertise to the growing zebrafish research industry.

Reliable zebrafish research requires the use of healthy, disease free models.

David Marancik, Aquatic Veterinarian

Diagnostic Services

Aquatic pathogens can spread quickly through facilities and early diagnosis is imperative for protecting research and valuable genetic stocks.

Pathogen Identification

Pathogen Identification Lab

With our high throughput molecular and culture assays we have the capability to test for over 70 aquatic pathogens, including bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens.

Necropsy and Histopathology

Our industry leading histopathology service is world-renowned and allows us fully assess fish health, including both infectious and non-infectious causes of disease. Our digital histopathology capabilities enhance the evaluation and sharing of material and provides a platform for powerful image analysis tools.


Routine Surveillance

Disease surveillance is the cornerstone of successful zebrafish husbandry and is essential to maintaining a disease free facility. All developmental stages of the zebrafish life cycle can be tested; from embryo to adult fish. Fish Vet Group offers customizable disease surveillance plans unique to each customer, allowing essential research to be performed with confidence.

Urgent Investigation

Investigation Lab

Disease outbreaks may occur in even the most stringent biosecurity conditions. Should this happen, our rapid turnaround diagnostics and commitment to communication and support are at hand to curtail any disease outbreak.

Veterinary Services

Our veterinary services exist to provide you with actionable advice. Our veterinarians are able to act as primary vets for research facilities or to provide support for facility vets. We can diagnose disease, recommend treatments, offer health management strategies, or act as a valuable second opinion.

Biosecurity Consultation

Good biosecurity is the safest and least costly method for maintaining a pathogen free facility. Our biosecurity advisory service evaluates your facility’s risks and options while providing customized plans to strengthen the coverage of your biosecurity structure.

Full Tanks

Welfare and Husbandry Expertise

We pride ourselves in being an ethical company and are passionate about the health and welfare of the animals under our care. We strongly believe that by upholding the highest fish welfare standards, associated research will be inherently reliable and reproducible. Proactive fish health management also helps protect the investments and advances made in zebrafish genetic lines and secures the future of these unique research models.

Training and Education

Employee development helps staff perform their duties effectively and drives the industry forward. We develop training and education programs for any level of experience that align with your facility’s goals. Past topics include fish health and disease, water quality, biosecurity, fish husbandry, and welfare. Training can be tailored to veterinary or technical staff.

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